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Hexagon Creative is poised to revolutionize Optimotive’s online presence with a custom-designed WordPress site, serving as the brand’s new digital hub. The focus is on a clean, modern, and contemporary aesthetic, integrating updated fonts, revised copy, and fresh imagery to mirror the brand’s vision. A key element of this redesign is the strategic use of design and user experience, not just to tell Optimotive’s story, but also to engage potential clients from their first interaction with the site. Hexagon Creative’s approach involves extensive market research tailored to the nuances of Optimotive’s industry, ensuring the site not only stands out but also reflects the brand’s unique identity. They prioritize ease of management, offering affordable options for ongoing site maintenance and integrating Elementor’s editor for hassle-free updates by Optimotive’s team. The design, features, and layout will be a collaborative effort, blending Hexagon’s expertise with Optimotive’s brand vision.

In their design approach, Hexagon Creative initiates every project with a Discovery phase, gathering essential insights to align the final deliverables with the client’s objectives and the end-user’s needs. This step ensures that the project is both manageable and aligned with the client’s vision. Following site completion, Hexagon Creative commits to empowering the client with Elementor’s tools, providing tutorials and support to facilitate content management by non-developers.

Understanding the importance of mobile accessibility, Hexagon Creative ensures that the mobile version of the site mirrors the quality and vision of the desktop version, providing an exceptional user experience across all devices.

The project plan is meticulously structured, beginning with an initial phase focused on intelligence, messaging, and design. This phase includes a kickoff meeting, wireframe development, and integration of design elements to create a responsive, custom-themed WordPress site. The project timeline is carefully planned to ensure each phase, from initial conception to final implementation, is executed with precision and in alignment with Optimotive’s objectives.

For more details, you can visit optimotive.io