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An Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

So, one of the mantras is, Google rewards the sites where visitors spend more time. And obviously, visitors will spend more time if they get interesting videos on the site. It keeps their interest developed. So, create engaging explainer videos and animated videos and get rewarded by Google. This can help you a lot in boosting your business. It is better to SHOW than to DESCRIBE. Sometimes it is complicated to explain the idea with words as there are so many ways people can interpret a product/service description. Thus, it is always more easy to show how your product works than to explain it in words. Even for lazy readers, explainer videos can solve the issue by easily making them understand about the product.

Boost Conversions

Buffer researched and analyzed that companies that include video marketing in their marketing strategy attain 27% higher click-through rates and 34% greater conversion rates than those who don’t use it. Another research proved that 74% of users are more inclined towards buying a product after watching a video. It is indeed a fact that video boosts conversions. It can help you get more leads and better conversion rates. So better start crafting your explainer videos and animated videos exciting product videos now.

Attract Mobile Users

On mobile phones, Instead of reading long articles, people prefer to see short and interesting explainer videos. According to YouTube, every year mobile video consumption rises by 100%. People watch a great number of videos every day, stats say it is 5 Billion videos per day. This is enough to justify people’s love for videos. And it attracts mobile users more being to the point, self-explanatory and engaging.

Stay connected with your customers

Videos enable you to better connect with your customers as it better clarifies the concept with a voice-over explaining the solution. For the lazy readers, explainer videos can solve the issue by easily making them understand about the product. Trust is another important reason for customer loyalty. Videos also help to build a trust relationship with customers as it humanizes and projects a more personalized image of your brand. And if it has a voice over as well, it gives another human touch to your video.

Video Optimizes your Search Ranking

According to research by Hubspot, 65% of the senior executives visit the site if they find any relevant branded video. And if the video is interesting, it convinces the viewers to stay longer on the website. This means that videos that pique consumer interest and are of great quality can bring lots of clicks to your site. Remember that the search engine can also recognize image elements within the video through its Video Intelligence API. This API can also catalog the keywords used within the video and can help the website to rank better. So, video is good to go option to upgrade your SEO ranking.

Videos support branding

A smartly produced video that promptly gets viral helps the company to be known by many new visitors. But how can it be smartly produced? Simple, it should ooze your brand image without being overly promotional. This kind of videos supports to position the brand image in the minds of people. From the custom logo design to the brand values, it instills a very strong image of the brand in the mind of the one watching it.

Make it go Viral

Which sort of content is most shareable across the web? Of course video. Why? Because it is brief, well explained, interest-grabbing and engaging. You can call it a magic formula, but if created smartly, videos go viral in a way faster manner than other types of content. So if you want to make it go viral, Video is the medium.

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